What our customers are saying about Slim Gym™

Whatever your fitness goals, we think the Slim Gym™ is everything you could want in a home gym, but don't just take our word for it; read what our customers have to say.

"Honestly David, it’s a fantastic piece of kit. I have a 15 year old who has started using it and it’s getting a bit scary already how quickly he has increased in strength and bulk. That said I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and am already seeing a significant difference.

I have been recommending the Slim Gym to my friends and have a few coming around in the weeks to come so they can see what I’m raving about."

Ivan (Leicester Feb 2023)

“I have put my Slim Gym in the lounge. It is an interestng feature and talking point so it is not covered up, no need. Getting my exercises done is so easy now, I only do 20 minutes a day to keep fit but found I was already increasing the weights after just 3 weeks, so I am getting stronger too. The machine functions so quietly (you are not supposed to let the weight stack hit the bottom anyway, so as to keep the tension in the muscles) so I can do it when we are watching the TV, and occasionally I do it twice a day, it is getting addictive. I feel great and have not had to sacrifice a room either. It has changed my life for the better.”

F.D. - Nottingham

"Exceptional service and quality...
I bought a bespoke gym/office building for my garden with an attached shelter for a hot tub. The process from start to finish was first class. Barry came out and surveyed the site and made some great suggestions around how to optimise the space that I had available. Once my order was placed they kept me fully up-to-date on progress of the building which is fabricated in their workshop before being re-assembled on site. The site was left spotless when they finished. The build quality is exceptional. To top everything off, I bought the "Slim Gym", a multi-gym built into the interior wall of the building and folds away after use and is hidden behind a blind. I can't recommend this company enough, everything is A+++++. Thanks team!"

A.S. - Coventry

"The Slim Gym is fantastic as it allows me to exercise all the muscle groups and the stepper gives me a cardio workout too. I am 6 foot and 14stone and the gym easily copes with my size and strength. During lockdown it has been invaluable for staying in shape, and because the summerhouse is now also my office to be able to fold it way and hide it behind blinds means that my background can be true and professional.

The fact that the gym folds into the wall also means that the summerhouse can be used for it’s third function which is as a space for my children to have friends round (even sleepovers!) - this couldn’t happen if the gym was occupying space."

Brian - Reading

"We had been looking for ages for a home gym cable machine that was both functional and space-saving. But we couldn't find anything until we saw the Slim Gym. It really is a great piece of kit....it takes minimal space, it allows us to have several different workouts. We use it most days.

Since we have had the Slim Gym installed, it has been in regular use. We had one small issue with it and we were most impressed that David came to fix it straight away. Really delighted with it".

J.C. - London

"With a Slim Gym taking up so very little space and enabling us to keep all our rooms uncluttered by gym equipment, we get to have our cake and still eat it, brilliant."  

SlimGym User

"Since our 15 yr old started using the Slim Gym™ his muscle increases have been astounding, and in such a short time too."


"Our Slim Gym is in our lounge, we wheel the easy chair out of the way and grab a handle and get going, simple"