A little bit of background

We've been running our successful Extra Rooms business for many years, helping clients extend their available work and living space by providing prestige garden studios and offices across the UK.

We noticed increasing numbers of clients were ordering Extra Rooms to install a gym.

Some customers were lucky enough to afford a large extra room in two sections, creating both a garden office and a gym in one building, but for most, this was just a dream.

As demand for garden gyms increased, we got to thinking. What if there was another way?

Initial concept

Without any doubt, bulky gym equipment takes up a lot of floor space and soon makes a room unusable for any other purpose.

Wall space is often not so much of a problem. We decided that this was where we needed to concentrate our efforts, so Slim Gym™ was born.

Here's a little video of the manufacturing journey.


All about the walls

We decided that so long as the multi-gym was only as thick as a single leaf brick or block wall, it could easily fit into any room without taking up space and preventing the room from being used for other activities. It could also be easily hidden by a blind or screen when not used. 

Once we had made the Slim Gym, we realised that whilst initially, the concept was to make our Extra Rooms into invisible gym rooms, any room almost anywhere could take either a visible or an invisible Slim Gym.

It takes up very little floor space, but the real genius in the design is just how much gym you get for your money. By utilising the wall, the Slim Gym doesn't need to be small; it's over 2 metres tall by 2.4 wide, enabling the full functionality of a gym, but in the area that is the least disruptive, the wall. 


What advantages does a Slim Gym™ have over other multigyms?

Our unique cabling system and the slim planar design enable only one weight stack to drive multiple self-tensioning circuits without any compromise in functionality.

All our units are less than 10cm/4 inches deep, so the Slim Gym range can effectively disappear into the wall in any room.

Besides the obvious savings in space, cost, and resources, it can typically go on an upstairs wooden floor, which is impossible with most weight stacked multigyms.

Fitting it to a wall also means it loads the wall, not just the floor, and it is never in the middle of the floor; this often means it can go into a room where a weight stacked multigym could ever fit. It's not just about the minimal space requirement; it is about new possibilities of sitting it anywhere in the house, not just the ground floor.


The result

After several years of research, testing and development, we are proud to offer a Slim Gym™ for all. We believe it provides the most competitive and complete solution for your gym and space requirements; you can now have both!

Get in touch on 0115 874 8769 if you have any questions.