Compact Gym for Physios and Trainers

Physical Therapy, Rehab Specialists and Chiropractors
As a Physio, Rehab Specialist or Chiropractor, with a comprehensive Slim Gym in your Treatment Room, you can assess patients with diagnostic exercises and treat them in the same space, whilst only using one square foot of floor space for the gym equipment.


As a home or studio based Trainer, the unique Slim Gymallows you access to your full space as well as a comprehensive gym system all in one room. Using just one square foot of floor space and tucked neatly against a wall, Slim Gym is the most functional and compact gym on the market.

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"Getting a Slim Gym is one of the best purchases we ever made for our business, now we can assess the patients accurately and quickly for one thing, and secondly it enabled our business to grow because what was the gym room has now become a new treatment room for a new partner. It is a really good bit of kit too, well made."

L.T. Nottingham - Physiotherapist