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Welcome to Slim Gym™ for a healthier, happier you…

The patented inter-linked design of the Slim Gym cabling circuit makes a single weight stack capable of exercises often needing 5 weight stacks.

The Slim Gym™ - the first comprehensive home multi-gym designed to help address lack of space, time & money.

Get the most functional and compact fitness gym ever devised for your home - prices start from £1,995

Revolutionary in concept and design, Slim Gym helps save time, space and money as you exercise in the comfort of your home.

So why choose Slim Gym™? 

Average multi-gyms dominate rooms, often eat up at least 4 square metres of space. Smaller machines rely on springs or elastic, compromising their functionality and your ability to exercise.

Slim Gym™ is a fully functional multi-gym with a full weights-stack, at a fraction of the standard price, with no bulky, expensive machines, no need to spend time travelling to a shared gym, or queue for sweat-drenched machines.

Say hello to your Slim Gym and goodbye to compromise!

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Slim Gym™ unique design

Home Gym Cable Bicep Curl

In a perfect world we would all have our own home gym to improve our health, strength, and fitness every day… but few of us have enough space or money for a fully comprehensive multi-gym, especially one that requires a full room and costs £12k or more…

Now, thanks to a clever British design, everyone already has that space… because with a Slim Gym all you need is a patch of blank wall…

Even better, there is a much wider variety of exercises available with a Slim Gym than with other multi-gyms, home or professional. So now you can feel invigorated, healthier, fitter and stronger than ever before.

Plus you can buy a Slim Gym for half the traditional multi-gym price. (On easy credit terms if you wish).

For an introduction to how we developed early versions of Slim Gym™ take a look at our workshop video here.

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Home Gym Cable Seated Row Sq

How much space do I need?

The core unit incl. frame is 2110mm high by 660mm wide (83" by 26").

The core unit and rower is 2110mm high by 1100mm wide (83" by 43.5").

The depth is just 12cm (4.75").

Ready to buy?

Prices start from £1,995

Free delivery AND £100 off on all orders taken by the end of January 2022

We can take credit or debit card over the phone (2.5% fee applies for credit cards).

Slim Gym – The ultimate modular home-gym

Get in touch on 0115 874 8769 if you have any questions.