The most functional and compact fitness gym ever devised for your home

A Slim Gym™ takes up a fraction of the space of much larger, more expensive multi-gyms - fitting into any home.

Even with the fantastic rowing function, a Slim Gym occupies less than 2 square feet, so everyone can have one!

You can do a huge number of different exercises using all the main muscle groups for both cardio and strength...

  • Weight stack operated, for reliability and load consistency, no bands or springs.
  • Optional weight stack rower for long-term cardio fitness.
  • No travelling time.
  • No gym fees.
  • Prices start from just £2.6k + VAT

As you age, you lose muscle mass – “Use it or lose it!”





23 Butterfly. Inner Arms, Pecs, Abs

There are two models, the main core unit, and the rower.

Both can be supplied in a frame, or frameless for direct fitting onto a wall.

Most walls are suitable as the slim gym has been designed not to load a wall unduly, in fact if the wall is capable of withstanding some heavy duty shelving then it is suitable for being fitted with a slim gym..


The main core multigym unit is £2.6k+VAT in frameless mode. The rower is £560+VAT frameless 

Total for both frameless is therefore £3,160+VAT
So a total of £3,792 inc VAT delivered.

An attractive grey painted wooden frame for the core multigym is £280+VAT and for the combined frame for the core unit and rower £30+VAT.

If positioned correctly the customer can fit frameless models and then add a frame later if required, either D.I.Y or supplied by us.

Once the Slim Gym™been delievered, we can talk you through using your Slim Gym™ safely, offering expert training advice.

  • Tell you how to change functions quickly and easily.
  • Send you a comprehensive exercise and user guide to help get you started.

Your Slim Gym will help you make those all important steps to improving your lifestyle, helping you feel fitter and refreshed whilst giving you back your time and space, so that you can enjoy all the other things in life that you value most…

Just remember, we’re only a call away if you ever have any questions…


Have questions before you buy?

If you want to know more about Slim Gym please feel free to contact our BEST Crew…and if we can’t pick up immediately please leave us a message and we’ll get back to you. We can help you decide on the location and style of your Slim Gym and check that it is both a practical and a safe option for you. If we don’t think you and Slim Gym are a perfect fit we’ll tell you why… we don’t do hard sells but we do want you to start enjoying all the advantages your Slim Gym can give you.


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Slim Gym – The ultimate modular home-gym

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